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Meet Madeleine Woolgar
Your neuro-affirming Neurodiversity Consultant


My Story

Hi, I'm Madeleine - I'm really glad you found me. 


If you're struggling with your child's big emotions or battling with them, I know how exhausted you must be so I'll keep it brief. 


I've supported families for over 12 years. After a career in marketing and events, I began to work with families with children who were neurodivergent. I worked all over the world, working 1:1 with children, and training the teams and parents who supported them.

In this work, I experienced first-hand the challenges that I now help parents to navigate, including physical aggression (I've been bitten, hit, kicked, threatened, had my hair torn out, and had screwdrivers flung at me to name just a few). I learnt how to dig deep in order to stay calm and loving in the face of challenge in order to help these children, a path I now helps so many parents to tread. I teach from experience. 

My Why

Working with these families intensively, showed me that there is no greater love than the love a parent has for their child. You, as their parent, are the best person to help your child - no one loves them more, and no one knows them better. And yet, I saw first-hand how worn down the parents were that I was working with. 

When you're overwhelmed and exhausted, you can't be the parent you want to be (and it can feel really awful knowing that). My work is about supporting you to have more capacity to be that calm, understanding and equipped parent you want to be. 


Helping you feel calmer and more equipped (with proven strategies) will supercharge your ability to help your child in their more challenging moments. Your child needs that. 

Madeleine lives in Bath, UK, and supports parents all across the world through both private consultations and group parenting programs, as well as her online workshops. 

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My Heart Led Approach

My approach prioritises nurturing your connection with your child. There's nothing like daily battles to make you feel disconnected from your child - and if you're reading this, I know you want to feel that your relationship with them is strong. 


Here's the good news - I can help you understand what's going on for your child so that you can support them to feel more at ease and happier in their experience of the world. I always say that all behaviour is communication of an underlying need your child has. Sometimes you just need a bit of help translating it - and that's where I come in. 

Read more about my heart led parenting approach here.

Parents I've Helped

Mother and Son

Cara, Mum to Theo (age 3)

"Theo would have full blown meltdowns for an hour, several times a day. I was completely drained & didn't know what to do.
These meltdowns are now 80% less in both frequency & power. It's just miraculous. It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I feel like a better mum - the mum I wanted to be."

Hiking With Child

Philippa, Mum to Ben (age 2)

"I had been struggling a lot with my 2 year old's behaviour, mostly with his physically intense meltdowns & need for control. I felt really alone & completely unsure of how to deal with it all in a loving way. 

Since working with Madeleine, both Ben's behaviour & my relationship with him changed for the better." 

Happy Family

Rebecca, mum to daughter (age 6)

"My little girl was struggling with her emotions & I was struggling to help her & understand her.
Because of Madeleine's knowledge, experience & kindness, I now have a much better relationship with my daughter & feel more equipped to deal with situations than I did 6 months ago. I cannot thank her enough."

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