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Don't miss my new online video class

Online video classes

Child on Smartphone

Manging your child's anger (including physical aggression)

This 90 minute video class will help you

- understand why your child's anger becomes physical (hitting, kicking, biting etc)

- understand how to help your child safely regulate those big feelings 

Little Boy Standing Portrait

Reducing Meltdowns around requests and transitions

This 90 minute video class will help you

- understand why your child finds requests and transitions so hard

- give you tools to start to help them feel more at ease in their world (and more flexible!)

Parents I've Helped

Mother and Son

His tantrums are now 80% less

"Theo would have full blown tantrums for an hour, several times a day. I was completely drained & didn't know what to do.


Tantrums are now 80% less in both frequency & power. It's just miraculous. It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I feel like a better mum - the mum I wanted to be."

Cara, Mum to Theo (age 3)

Key focus: 

Hiking With Child

Our relationship is better

"I had been struggling a lot with my 2 year old's behaviour, mostly with his physically intense tantrums & need for control. I felt really alone & completely unsure of how to deal with it all in a loving way. 


Since working with Madeleine, both Ben's behaviour & my relationship with him changed for the better." 

Philippa, Mum to Ben (age 2)

Key focus:
Big feelings

Happy Family

I feel more equipped now

"My little girl was struggling with her emotions & I was struggling to help her & understand her.

Because of Madeleine's knowledge, experience & kindness, I now have a much better relationship with my daughter & feel more equipped to deal with situations than I did 6 months ago. I cannot thank her enough."

Rebecca, mum to daughter (age 6)

Key focus:
Big feelings & daily battles

  • What age children do you work with?
    I work with parents who have children from 2 years old through to teen
  • Are all your sessions online?
    Yes, all of my private and group sessions are online. All of my online workshops take place on zoom.
  • How many private sessions will I need?
    I work with families privately for a minimum of 6 months (with usually 16 sessions over this time period). I am currently fully booked for private clients, but you can join the wait list here. My online group program runs for 6 weeks.
  • Can I do the sessions with my partner?
    Absolutely. I work with many couples together.
  • How do I know if you can help me and my child?
    Have a look at the page that describes my heart-led approach. If this feels like it resonates with you and the way you'd like to be with your child, then I would encourage you to consider joining the wait list for my group program. You can also come and join my free Facebook community where you can get to know me and my style of working. You can also buy one of my online video classes to experience my approach or send me a message via my Contact me page.
  • How do I work with you?
    There are two main ways to work with me: 1. Private online sessions for you (and your partner if you want). Join the wait list here. 2. My online group program. This runs once a year. The next one starts in June 2024. Join the wait list here. You can also get immediate access to one of my online video classes here.
  • What kind of challenges do you help with?
    I help parents to be able to support their child to feel more at ease in their experience of the world. Behaviour is communication and I help parents to translate what their child is trying to communicate through their behaviour. My priorities are your child's wellbeing, their emotional regulation and your relationship with them. Some of the challenges that I support parents with include: - Children struggling in school - Children who unravel or explode after school or struggle to go to school - Daily battles (such as leaving the house and getting dressed) - Meltdowns/big outbursts of feelings - Children who become physically intense (such as hitting, biting, kicking others or themselves) - Children struggling to emotionally regulate themselves - Children who are socially hesitant or struggle in social settings I help parents to understand what's going on for their child and feel more equipped to support them. I also have a key focus on supporting your capacity as the parent to be there for your child in a calmer and more equipped way, even in the tricky moments. I work with families, with or without a diagnosis. I want to get you the support now, even if you're waiting or considering a diagnosis.
  • Can you help with my child's meltdowns?
    Yes, absolutely. No matter the age of your child, if they are having big outbursts of feelings when they don't get what they want or when things change, then I can help. Your child might cry or shout, or perhaps kick or hit you when they get upset. My approach will help you reduce these meltdowns by supporting your child's needs and nurturing your relationship with them. For our neurodivergent children, emotional regulation can be really challenging. I want to help you to feel equipped to support them to process those feelings in a safe way - as well as addressing the underlying needs behind them. You might have trawled the internet looking for "how do I deal with my autistic child's meltdowns?" or "how to deal with 3 year old meltdowns" or "7 year old tantrums" - whatever their age, seeing your child get so upset on a regular basis can be incredibly wearing and have you late night googling for help (even though you're exhausted). But despite the well-intentioned research, in the moment you might find yourself still losing your cool with your child and not being able to deescalate things. You're not alone. You need help to break the cycle and feel equipped to navigate your child's meltdowns with the calm and compassion I know you want to bring to those moments. That's where I come in.
  • Can you help with hitting and biting?
    Yes, absolutely. If your child is hitting or biting you, a sibling, another child or even themselves, it can be a distressing thing to navigate. I support parents to reduce these kind of behaviours through heart-led strategies that are tried and tested. If you're navigating a child who hits, bites or kicks, you've probably found yourself googling things like "Why does my child bite" or "why is my 7 year old kicking me" and found yourself in a world of conflicting information. You may also feel at a loss of what to do, because if your child is hitting, you'll know that telling them not to, doesn't work! Every child has their own reason for being physically intense and we need to work out your child's reason in order to best help them. You need tools that help and support your child, as well as reducing their need to be physically intense.
  • Why hire a Neurodiversity Consultant?
    Working with a Neurodiversity Consultant helps you to really change things with your child. I will help you understand your child and their experience of the world. I will help you feel equipped to support them to feel more emotionally regulated and more able to navigate things like school and friendships. I will help you to feel calmer and more equipped to navigate the tricky moments with your child. We all need a little help sometimes - if you wanted help getting into shape, you might hire a personal trainer - think of me as a personal trainer for your Neurodivergent parenting! I will be your cheerleader, as well as helping you increase your understanding of your child, feel equipped to help and support them when they are struggling, and I will support YOU to do the supporting. Change is easier with help - you're guaranteed to get better results with support than going it alone.
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