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The thing they didn't tell you about your autistic child's need for control

In this parenting guide you'll learn one of the fundamental reasons your child may be resisting you (spoiler alert: it isn’t your fault!). It's perspective that isn't talked about enough and will equip you to understand your child more and make reducing the battles a lot easier.

Whether it's fighting to get your child dressed or repetitively asking them to put their shoes on, this guide will give you an unique insight into your child and why they struggle to go with the flow.  All you need to do is...

1. Download the guide for parents

2. Read through the guide (it's short enough to read over a glass wine!)

You'll immediately start understanding your child more!

 Get this fresh understanding today and start reducing those daily battles! 

Download Your  FREE Parenting Guide 

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Parenting is one of the hardest jobs in the world and we all need a little help sometimes

Here are some of the challenges this parenting guide can help with:

  • Reducing daily battles such as getting dressed, leaving the house, bedtime and bath time

  • Increasing your child's capacity your child to listen and do as you ask them

  • Reducing your child's need to provoke your reaction

  • Reducing big intense outbursts

Parents I've Helped

Mother and Son

Emma, Bath

"It was great, already tried it this morning and it worked!!! WOOHOO! Thanks a million"

Hiking With Child

Sara, Lincoln

"Shoes on with no issue, coat on and happily walked out the house. Bath time went so smooth and bed even smoother!!!! Amazing!!!! Just adding bits of control and he did amazing!!!! No tantrums, not even a shake of the head!!! Thank you xx

Happy Family

Tamzin, Bath

"No bed or bath battles and I haven't been kicked once during nappy changes... in fact he lay down voluntarily a few times."


Expertise from a Neurodiversity Consultant who is caring, supportive and passionate

I'm passionate about equipping parents with a neuro-affirming approach that nurtures their child's wellbeing.

About Me: I help parents with autistic children of all ages to understand those big feelings and battles and to stay calm and loving when facing challenging situations.

How I Can Help: By working with me you'll have the opportunity to reflect on your current parenting, and learn the skills and techniques you need to bring out the best in your children and yourself.

My heart-led approach focuses on nurturing your connection with your child. With my help, you can become the parent you have always wanted to be for your family.

Feeling exhausted and fed up with shouting to get things done? 

Discover a new way to understand your child so that you can reduce the daily battles around things like getting dressed, leaving the house and meal times.


Get your FREE parenting guide today!

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